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How to audition for a music degree

Tuesday 7 August 2018, First year

by British & Irish Modern Music Institute

How to audition for a music degree

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British & Irish Modern Music Institute
Tom Picken, British & Irish Modern Music Institute 

So, you’ve decided that a music degree is right for you, and you've submitted your application
. You’re now probably thinking about the next step, your audition… The word alone can be enough to make your heart beat and palms sweat! But don’t worry – here are five ways to impress the assessor, and ace your audition.
1. Learn the material
Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse – this is your time to shine, so make sure you’re prepared.
2. Don’t be late
Think of the audition as a job interview. Arriving early shows you’re committed and gives a good first impression.
3. Relax
Although you might feel under pressure, your assessor is as keen for you to do well as you are.
4. Focus on your performance 
Treat your audition as a performance – there may be no audience, but give it the same energy and passion as you would if there was one in front of you.
5. Stay positive
Don't be disheartened if you’re asked to re-audition. Feedback is often provided by the assessor to help you, and you’re always welcome to ask more questions about how to prepare for your next audition.
Finally, you might be able to audition prior to submitting your application through Clearing. Don't be afraid to contact your chosen university or college for advice and guidance.