How do I pick what university I want to attend?

Friday 18 September 2020, Applicant

by Ola-Jo

How do I pick what university I want to attend?

Firstly, congratulations on being made an offer to start university in September!  You now have the hard decision of working out what university you will spend the next three years.

I know for some people, as soon as they start looking at various universities they have a list of there first, second etc choices. When I first applied for university, I had that exact list and every year I found myself applying for the same course and for exactly the same top three university institutions (in case you were wondering these were: Bournemouth, UWL and Coventry).

Why did I always pick those three unis?

In my opinion those three universities are recognised for their nursing courses and also have a higher proportion of coursework in comparison to other university institutions I researched.

My top tips for you are:
  • Research each university, that you have received an offer from and write down a pros and cons list. 
  • Use the University league table is of importance in making your decision then see what uni is the highest ranking uni. 
  • Also go onto the unistats website ( and compare the courses with the rate of employment, what past and present students think of the course, how is the course taught etc.
  • Don’t make any rush decisions as remember you will be spending three years here.
Good luck with your decision making and I hope you have a lovely week

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