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How to write a personal statement

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Hello to all fellow UCAS applicants,
I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!
This blog is completed focused on how to write a good personal statement. This UCAS cycle was my third time of applying to study nursing at university and thankfully my last time too!
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on making the BIG decision to apply to study your chosen course at university! Have you selected and narrowed down the five places where YOU would like to spend the next THREE years studying to achieve your dream career? If not, I suggest you do this now,as some unis have some good tips for what to include in your personal statement!
Now you’ve decided where you would like to study,you can now consider how you are going to make your personal statement stand out and secure an interview,audition and hopefully PLACE at your chosen university! Below are my top tips:
- Start your personal statement EARLY (you can even start to write your personal statement BEFORE the UCAS cycle opens! Complete a plan for what things you want to include in your personal statement, such as: why the course,how your current subjects relate to your chosen course at uni etc.
- Remember you only have a certain amount of letters INCLUDING spaces in the UCAS personal statement section.
- Expect to complete lots of drafts before you have that AMAZING personal statement admissions tutors are going to read.
- Contact universities you are applying to,to ask what kind of things they expect to see in your personal statement,as this can help you to eliminate anything that’s not necessary to include.
- Get people to check and provide constructive criticism on your personal statement,so that you know if anything needs to be improved and to make sure that any spelling errors etc. are taken out of the personal statement you are going to send via UCAS! 
- Think about extra-curriculum activities that you have completed,what they taught you and how they have prepared you for university. This could include: part time jobs,volunteering,duke of Edinburgh award etc.
- DON’T send off your personal statement until you are completely happy with it.
Good luck to you all with your personal statements!