An International Student: Why I Decided to Apply to UK Universities

Thursday 19 December 2019, International students

by Coral Kim

An International Student: Why I Decided to Apply to UK Universities

Coral Kim

Moving to another country is a big leap. Moving to another country when you’re still a teenager and your adulthood has just begun – that’s an even bigger one. So applying to an overseas university is a difficult choice to make, and honestly, not for everyone.

But, as a Korean American faced with multiple options (Korean, American, and overseas unis), that’s the choice I made when I opened my UCAS account and applied to schools in England and Scotland. And maybe the one you will make as well. Here’s why.


1. The Degree Structure – What and How I Will Study

In some countries, notably America, going to university doesn’t always mean you will pick a course and study it for three/four years of your uni life. In some places, you will start studying your course of choice in your second or third year. In some places, you can choose two entirely different courses (Music and Physics, for example) and study them together.

But I knew what I wanted to study – English literature – and wanted to prioritize that. I wanted to spend most of my time reading and learning about Pound and Dickens, and discovered that I would be able to do that in the UK.

2. The English Course

This was easy. I wanted to study English literature. What better place than the UK, home of William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, and John Milton to do so? It’s the place to go for literature

fans like me. Also, the United Kingdom is not a difficult place to navigate – I’m so excited to visit spots like Stratford-upon-Avon and the British Library when I fly to the UK to begin my first uni year this fall.

3. The Student Life

Student life in the UK is awesome. With so many options and possibilities (catered/non-catered, uni accommodation/renting out a room, rural/urban, etc.), it was easy for me to find what worked best for me, and I could also find multiple student discounts and benefits for bookstores, transportation, and even food. From taking a short train trip to London to see a play, to meeting friends at a nearby pub, I liked the autonomy and advantages being a student in the UK offered. So those were my reasons, and after applying and getting my results through UCAS, I’m certain I will be going to the UK later on this year as a fresher. Hopefully this article helped you make your choice as well maybe – I’ll even see you there in the UK!


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