Letter to my younger self

Monday 26 October 2020, Support

by Gareth Rafferty

Letter to my younger self

Gareth Rafferty

Hi 2017 Gareth, it’s Gareth from 2020 here.

The next few years are going to test you. You’re going to have up’s and downs, highs and lows, and an all round rollercoaster of a time.

But I’m not here for that.

I’m here to give you some advice on the next few years to help you, or me, to be more effective at handling what’s to come.

Let’s break it down into 6 points:

  • Life seems like a box, a perfect square. Remember you may not be a square.
    • You may be a circle, or a triangle, or some other shape. It’s important over the next few years that you focus on who you are. Not, who people want you to be, or who everyone else is, but just who you actually are and what makes you happy. Then, put everything you can into happiness and bringing value to others. Just because everyone goes in one direction, doesn’t mean you have to. We’ve got this far being different, don’t change for everyone else now.
  • People’s expectations of you will be different to your expectations of yourself.
    • Don’t let friends or family dictate your path. Make decisions for yourself. If you don’t make a decision, that decision will be made for you.
  • You have to be selfish to be selfless
    • By working on yourself, you put yourself in a position to help others through the knowledge and experiences you have gained.
  • It’s better to try, fail, then learn, than not try at all.
    • And as a sidenote, always look for the lessons in failure and success.
  • Don’t push everyone away on your journey to success
    • If you push everyone away, there will be no one there to enjoy the success with you at the end. It will be a very lonely journey, and having a few people around you, that are positive and uplifting can make life a little easier.
  • Remember when you wished for what you have today.
    • I know, we’re ambitious, but don’t forget to pause and appreciate what is around you. We’ve had a tough upbringing. Use that mentality and those memories to stay humble and appreciative of the journey you’re on.

And overall just enjoy yourself.

I know you will be fine.

See you soon,

Gareth (2020)