My life at the University of Surrey

Wednesday 27 May 2020, UCAS advice


My life at the University of Surrey


Hi everyone! My name is Issy and I’m a second year Business Management student at the University of Surrey. I am also a Unibuddy Ambassador for Surrey, meaning that you can contact me through the easy to use UnibuddyApp and ask me any questions that you might have! It’s such a valuable service as you an hear from an actual student, studying the actual course and attending the actual university! It’s also really handy to talk to someone of around a similar age as I have only just gone through the experience that you’re about to go through too. It is a fantastic, no judgement space where you’re free to ask anything – no question is silly! I’m going to go through some of my most frequently asked questions so that you can get an idea of the types of questions asked and answers received. Remember, so many people are going to be in the same boat as you asking similar questions, your questions are so valid and valued! 

Why did you choose Surrey?

I chose Surrey because when I visited on open days and applicant days it was the only university that “felt right”. That’s probably quite hard to explain over message but when I went there I just felt like I’d fit in and enjoy myself there. Another reason was because of the picturesque campus, we have a huge lake and so much green space, it felt very relaxing and welcoming, not just purely academic and studying if that makes sense? Probably my main reason for choosing Surrey was the course, Business is quite a ‘generic’ course that is offered by lots of universities so I really went into depth and looked at the modules offered and assessments types. I then compared it to other universities to see what course would suit me best. Surrey for me had the best and most diverse choices of modules and this was great because I didn’t know what area of Business I wanted to go into!

What is the student life like at Surrey?

In terms of life it really depends what your interest are. There are plenty of clubs around the university including one on the campus! The university also have many events on every single day (these could range from fresh fruit and veg markets as well as food stalls, yoga classes and pole fitness). Another great thing is that you can actually get to London in just over 30 minutes on the fast train! We have so many societies so be sure to join some as many of these do on and off campus events too. If there isn’t a society you like, then make your own! We very uniquely offer a global graduate award so you can learn a new language alongside your degree for absolutely free! This is something I’ve undertaken and it’s so helpful! We have a fantastic library composed of 5 floors, I personally love to study there, it’s so refreshing! The town centre is quite historic and only a short walk away from the university. It does have lovely cobbled high streets however, there are more modern buildings such as the shopping centre. Guildford is quite a historic town so the university do try and incorporate some of that charm! If you’re interested in sports and fitness then all students have access to Surrey Sports Park where you can enjoy all the facilities! Some of the Olympics 2012 teams actually trained in our Olympic sized swimming pool! Here’s the link to the website so you can check out all of our facilities

What nightlife does Surrey have?

Our main Stag Hill campus has a nightclub on it called Rubix. This hosts events a few times a week but the main nights are Wednesday and Friday. Personally it’s mine and my friends favourite club and every time you go it’s a great new theme and experience! There are also clubs in town such as PopWorld, BarThirteen, Casino, 33Hz and a Weatherspoons. Each of these have different special nights so there is plenty of choice! London is also only just over 30 minutes away on the fast train so if you fancy something different you can always go there!

Can I get a job in or around the university?

In terms of working most of the university and town centre is run by students! Everyone is looking to recruit students! You can work in town in retail shops along with on campus as a student ambassador, in cafes, restaurants and many others!

What should I bring with me to my university accommodation?

I remember being so excited to move into accommodation! For your room it comes with the furniture really (bed, mattress, wardrobe, desk etc), you’ll need to bring bedding, hangers and then all of your personal things! For the kitchen it comes with the appliances such as ovens, fridges, kettles, microwave etc but everything else you’ll need to bring such as saucepans, plates, cutlery, utensils etc. There’s also an ironing board and iron in there too! If you have your own bathroom then it’ll obviously come with toilet, sink, shower, you’ll have to bring your own personal things like toothbrush holder, shampoos etc and cleaning products. If you don’t have your own bathroom then in your room you’ll most likely have a sink so you can still bring toothbrush holders etc but in shared bathrooms there’s everything in there and they’re cleaned for you! This link takes you to our accommodation webpage which has so many helpful pictures, videos and information

I hope that this helped you to get an idea of how great the Unibuddy service is and what an array of questions you can ask!