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Taking a Gap Year (or two!)

Tuesday 1 May 2018, Applicant

by Sophia

Taking a Gap Year (or two!)

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So, I started University when I was 18 and was loving it until I unfortunately met the wrath of chronic tonsillitis and left. Gutted.
I was enjoying the course, the friends I’d already met there, the University but now I look back at my time there, I wasn’t ready to leave home then.
Fast forward to May 2018 and I am now tonsil free and have an unconditional offer to go to University of Reading to study Primary Education with English! I truly think having two years out has given me the confidence to go back and tackle University (in a place further away than before!), some good ole life experience and some money to help me struggle through the poverty of student life. 
I’m not saying everybody should take gap years, but it is a good option if you’re unsure what you want to do, where you want to do your course and if you’re apprehensive about leaving home. 
Not going to University straight after sixth form/college has made me realise what it is I want to do in life whilst some friends I know chose their degrees based on wanting to “delay adulthood” and are now stuck in a degree they have no passion for or any intention of using post University. 
I’ll admit, I am a little worried about being out of education for two years and having not written essays in a while – but hopefully with the help of this blog (and my very own), my ability to write will come back very soon.
Please think carefully about your choices and be sensible about what you can deal with. If you’re more of a home bird, don’t choose a University in Edinburgh if you live in London, if you loathe Maths, don’t consider doing Engineering and if you don’t like living with drunk people, don’t live in halls for First Year! 
Overall, University is meant to be the best three or more years of your life. Be sensible (but brave), have fun and do some work!
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