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Thinking about an apprenticeship?

Monday 5 March 2018, UCAS advice


Thinking about an apprenticeship?

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Over 1 million people have started an apprenticeship since May 2015, with plenty of different industries offering apprenticeship places – covering everything from dentistry to law. So, if you have a clear idea of the career path you’d like to follow, an apprenticeship is definitely worth exploring.

If you’re considering an apprenticeship, here are five things you should know:

1. Apprentices get paid
Apprentices are employed members of staff, and are paid a salary, a pension, and are entitled to other company benefits, just like everyone else.

2. You can get a full degree 
All apprenticeships are fully certified by a university – this means you’ll receive a full degree at the end of your apprenticeship, and, in most cases, attend a graduation ceremony, much like a full-time university student.

3. You have to work and study – it can be tough
Unlike a full-time undergraduate university student, you’ll be in full-time employment, meaning you’ll be expected to work a full-time job, alongside studying for your degree. It’s a huge commitment, and you’ll need to be able to manage your work and study commitments.

4. More are in development
If you can’t find an apprenticeship in the industry you’re interested in, there’s a chance it’s on the way. You can find more information about upcoming apprenticeship plans at

5. You don’t have to pay tuition fees!
That’s right! As an apprentice, your employer pays your tuition fees. You don’t have to repay it either – it’s part of your contract of employment.

For more information on apprenticeships in your area – as they differ within the UK – visit