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The UCAS Teacher Training application fee is now just £1

Monday 12 March 2018, Teacher Training


The UCAS Teacher Training application fee is now just £1

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It now costs just £1 to apply for postgraduate teacher training programmes starting in 2018. But you won’t miss out on this if you’ve already applied – we’re refunding £23 to anyone who has applied since the application cycle opened in October 2017.
Why does it cost less to apply now?
The Department for Education is subsidising the UCAS Teacher Training application fee. This subsidy will be in place until the end of July 2018, so apply as soon as possible to benefit from it.
I’ve already applied and paid £24. How do I get my refund?
You don’t need to do anything – we’ll automatically process your refund and send you an email when it’s complete. The money will be refunded to whichever credit or debit card you paid your application fee with, within the next four weeks.
Sign in to your UCAS Teacher Training application to get expert advice about becoming a teacher
Recently started a teacher training application but not submitted it yet? Sign up to receive free advice from the Department for Education’s Get Into Teaching Team – just sign in to your application and go to the ‘Personal details’ section.

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