Unconditional changed course

Monday 9 August 2021, UCAS advice


Unconditional changed course

Some providers may change your status to a changed course offer. If this happens, you’ll see something like this in Track.

If this happens, don’t panic! It means one of your choices has offered you a changed course offer.

This could be a change to the course, the start date, or the point of entry.

Why has my offer changed to an unconditional changed course?

The most likely reason is that you didn’t meet the conditions of your original choice but the university or college wants to offer you an alternative course.

If you have any questions or concerns about the change, you’d need to speak to the uni or college to find out why they’ve made this change.

How do I respond to the unconditional changed course offer?

You can only reply to an unconditional changed course offer once BOTH your firm and insurance have a Confirmation decision. How you respond will depend on which choice has changed.

     1. If your firm choice offer has been updated to unconditional changed course

You can accept it now if you’re happy with the change. If your insurance offer has been confirmed and you decline a firm choice that is now an unconditional changed course offer, your insurance choice will become your firm.

      2. If your insurance choice has been updated to unconditional changed course

You’ll have to wait to see if your firm choice confirms you. If you’re placed at your firm choice, you won’t be able to accept your insurance place. If you’re unsuccessful at your firm, you’ll be able to respond to the unconditional changed course offer at your insurance choice.

How long do I have to reply?
Once you have a final decision from both your firm and insurance choice, you’ll have five days to reply.

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