What to pack, and settling in

Tuesday 6 July 2021, First year


What to pack, and settling in

The main thing to look out for is checking what is provided in your student accommodation, as you don’t want to duplicate items! Also, trying to find Facebook groups and chats for your halls can be a great way of finding out who your flatmates will be in advance.

Settling in
The start of university can be a daunting prospect, as you will be living with people you have never met before! Fortunately, everyone is in the same situation, so most people will be trying their hardest to make new friends, which makes it a really friendly and fun atmosphere from day one. Meeting people in your halls is one way to settle in and make friends, but you can expand on this by meeting people at sports and societies you may be interested in, as well as students on your course.

The essentials
Bedding is quite often forgotten or overlooked when going to university, and I remember a few people who had to panic buy some bedding on their first night in accommodation! Other essentials, such as kitchenware for self-catered students, seem straightforward, but are best to get in advance. Some tips I found useful were bringing a few mementos from home, as well as bringing posters and photos to help personalise your room, and help you settle in.

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