Why Live at Home for Uni?

Thursday 21 March 2019, First year

by Amiée Cartwright

Why Live at Home for Uni?

Amiée Cartwright
Up until Results Day, I planned to move out for uni. I bought bedding and cutlery, I worked out how I’d manage financially, I pictured myself crying in my room on move in day... then I threw all my plans out the window and decided to live at home. Most people say this isn’t the ‘true uni experience’ (I didn’t realise everyone was meant to have the same experience!) but it’s the right decision for me for several reasons:
  1. It Saves Money!
    With tuition fees at £9,250 a year, us students are looking for any way to save money. For me, living at home is the perfect way. Yes, travel can be expensive (I swear bus prices go up every week!) but it doesn’t compare to spending more than a few grand a year on what’s rumoured to be paper-thin walls!
  2. Peer Pressure- What’s That?
    I’m not a big drinker, so when I used to picture Fresher’s week, it’d involve me repeatedly declining to go on nights out in favour of a cinema night or a pub quiz. Fortunately for me, this is entirely possible as I can choose which events to go to from the comfort of my own home, sans peer pressure. That way, the people I meet at these events already have something in common with me.
  3. Home Comforts
    Roast dinners. Your own bed. Your DOG! Everything everyone else will be crying about in the first few weeks of uni will be surrounding you every day. After a long day of lectures, I know I’ll be more than happy to go back to my own living room with a cup of tea in my hand and my dog by my side (I may sound 80 but I swear I’m only 18!)

Ultimately, living at home and living in are very different experiences with unique benefits and challenges. However, I’m looking forward to experiencing a completely different stage of life at university whilst staying in my own home.


Thanks for reading!


Aimée X