Working in the financial sector as a new graduate

Thursday 7 November 2019, UCAS advice

by Ella Hendrix

Working in the financial sector as a new graduate

Ella Hendrix

Working in the financial sector is a great option for many graduates – especially for those who have studied relevant degrees. 

The financial services industry offers young professionals a plethora of varying roles to pursue in a fast-paced environment, and fosters continual acquisition of knowledge through additional qualifications. 

From financial advisers, tax planning, accountancy, wealth management, commercial banking, pensions and insurance – the world of finance exists in every household and business.

Here are some reasons why working in the financial sector could be the best career choice for you.

Graduate schemes
The finance sector is well-known for offering a range of graduate schemes for people wanting to pursue a career in the industry. Extra training will often be offered (and paid for), as well as opportunities such as the chance to work abroad.

Fast-paced and ever evolving
The financial sector often runs alongside many other sectors, meaning it is fast-paced and always innovating – the Fintech sector in particular stands at the forefront of change and technological development.

If you are KPI or sales-driven, it’s important to keep up-to-date with new technology and information, to be as successful as possible. Many employers will pay for any extra training you need, and allow you to spend ‘work time’ studying.

With extra study and learning, you should be able to progress your career quickly – not only improving your CV, but also gaining more responsibility and earning more.

Great for those who can work under pressure
If you are working with an individual’s or brand’s finances, you are automatically putting yourself under pressure. Whether you are advising people on how to invest, save, or spend, you need to be assured of your expertise and good at working under pressure.

If you are thinking about working in accounting or as an actuary, for example, there are often exams involved in the training. If you are particularly good at working under pressure and sitting exams, then you could thrive in this area – but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful if you aren’t that type of person.

Working in the financial sector can be extremely rewarding. Depending on what drives you, there are jobs to suit everybody. Some people are driven by saving as much money as possible, while others feel good about helping small start-ups find their feet. 

Others relish the chance to tighten up spending and help save jobs, or empower business owners by giving them the information they need to make difficult decisions.

Working in the financial sector, you will be valued by businesses and private clients alike, and this, in itself, is highly rewarding.

Wide range of jobs
The finance sector is, in addition to being its own industry, spread across every other industry in the UK. This means there are plenty of wel -needed jobs, and at all levels. There should be jobs available for people who have studied degrees in subjects such as finance, accounting, economics, or maths, but also for those who have studied other degrees.

As a degree graduate in a subject that might not necessarily be  linked to the world of finance, you will have learned a number of transferable skills during your studies. These are highly valued by employers and you should be able to find finance work suitable for people of all levels.

Society will always need people to take care of the economy – whether it is through the day-to-day running of a business, investing, insuring, or making sure money is being spent wisely – the list goes on. And this is why a career in finance has so many opportunities, and looks like it will only thrive in the future.