UCAS Undergraduate releases

UCAS Undergraduate statistical releases provide core numbers on applications at scheduled points in the current application cycle.

UCAS Undergraduate applicant releases for 2017 cycle

Summary counts of applicants compared to previous cycles released between October and June.


2017 applicant figures – 30 June deadline


2017 applicant figures – 24 March deadline

2017 applicant figures – 15 January deadline

2017 applicant figures – 15 October deadline

UCAS Undergraduate applicant releases for 2016 cycle UCAS Undergraduate applicant releases for 2015 cycle

UCAS Undergraduate end of cycle data resources

Our detailed data resources are published at the end of each application cycle. From the 2014 cycle onwards, the resources have been modernised into an easier to use, uniform format based on updated definitions.

Daily Clearing analysis

Daily Clearing analysis 2017

UCAS Undergraduate analysis reports

We publish a wide range of undergraduate statistics and analysis reports throughout the year for use across the education sector and beyond.

UCAS Undergraduate analysis notes

 In our series of analysis notes, we take a look at specific HE admissions topics such as free school meal status and A level achievement.