2018 cycle applicant figures – June deadline

These statistical releases describe applicants and applications from the 2018 UCAS cycle at the 30 June deadline.

This release includes 14 reports, and is in the same format as the January and March 2018 deadline reporting. The tables published include applicant numbers by age, sex, country of domicile, ethnic group, POLAR3, POLAR4, SIMD2016, country of provider applied to, and provider type (higher, medium, and lower tariff), as well as the number of applications (choices) by subject group. 

A zip file of CSV files containing data from these reports is also available.

For this release, we have also produced a subset of the sector-level reports for applicants to nursing courses (in subject group 'B7'). These reports include applicants who have made at least one choice to a 'B7' nursing course. The CSV file for these reports does not contain rows for which the value is four or fewer.

The primary set of statistics covers all applications in the UCAS Undergraduate scheme:

The additional reports cover nursing applicants: