EU and international schools/centres

EU and international schools/centres

Please complete this form to be considered as a registered centre.

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Please note, if you have completed an application, you do not need to complete another application. If you are unsure whether or not to proceed, please email our Schools Team at, and we can check for you.

1. School/centre information


Address of school/centre

Please give both the legal and trading name, if different.
2. Contact information


Head of school/centre

UCAS correspondent

This will be UCAS' first point of contact, and we will send all key information and communications to them.

Finance contact

Marketing contact

International contact

3. School/centre details

This section helps us understand more about your organisation and the services you offer, so we can provide the best support possible.

4. Training and information

It is important you understand the UCAS application process if you become a UCAS registered centre. Details about UCAS training are available on 

(If you answer 'Yes' we will verify the details with the British Council.)
5. Information and advice from UCAS and third parties

As part of being a registered centre, UCAS will send you regular updates and information. Please indicate below if you wish to receive additional information from relevant third parties.

6. Terms and conditions

To become a UCAS registered centre you must agree to our terms and conditions.

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