Download the 2013 cycle applicant figures for December 2012.
Posted Thu 3 January 2013 - 00:00
  • This statistical release relates to applicants in the 2013 UCAS application cycle at 17 December 2012.
  • It includes applicants who have applied for any course including those with a 15 October deadline.
  • Figures relating exclusively to the 2013 cycle 15 October deadline were published in October.
  • The proportion of applicants who have applied by December can vary from cycle to cycle. In the 2012 application cycle, around 60 per cent of the applicants recorded at the 15 January 2012 deadline had applied by December 2011.
  • Typically over one per cent of applicants recorded at the 15 January deadline apply each day around the December reference point. This means cycle to cycle comparisons in December can be particularly affected by calendar effects such as school term dates and the number of days remaining until the 15 January deadline.

2013 cycle applicant figures – December

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