Summarising interim applicant numbers in the 2014 undergraduate cycle, as of Monday 17 February.
Posted Thu 27 February 2014 - 00:00

This statistical release reports interim applicant totals in the 2014 UCAS application cycle at Monday 17 February 2014.

Statistics are also provided for applicant totals at the third Monday in February in previous cycles. This is an interim point in the application cycle and, unlike statistics for application deadlines, no direct comparison between cycles is possible.

15 January 2014 was the 'on time' deadline for people to submit applications for the majority of courses offered through UCAS. Statistics relating to the January deadline were published last month.

Statistics for those applying to October deadline courses were published in October 2013.

Applications can continue to be submitted through the main scheme until 30 June 2014. Although they will be classed as late, institutions may continue to make offers if places are available.

2014 cycle applicant figures (interim) February

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