A record 23,710 people have applied to study medicine at university next September, up 6 per cent on last year.
Posted Thu 7 November 2019 - 00:01

Applications for 2020 medicine courses had to be submitted to UCAS by 18:00 on Tuesday 15 October. Dentistry and veterinary science/medicine courses, as well as all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, also use this deadline.

There are increases in medicine applicants from all four countries of the UK (collectively up 5 per cent to 18,500), and from international students, with EU applicants up 1 per cent to 1,680, and non-EU applicants increasing by 10 per cent, to 3,530. The growth in applications coincides with an expansion of medical school places available at English universities for the third straight year.

A total of 68,680 students have applied for undergraduate courses with a 15 October deadline, marking a new record – the fifth straight year of increases, and a 4 per cent rise on last year.

The number of applicants from the UK has also increased by 4 per cent to reach a total of 47,660, with similar proportional increases for each country of the UK.

35,290 UK 18 year olds have applied for a 15 October deadline course, up 5 per cent on the 2019 cycle. This comes alongside a 1.5 per cent fall in the overall population of young people.

For the first time, more than 2,300 people (2,350, an increase of 8 per cent) from the most disadvantaged backgrounds (POLAR4 quintile 1) across the UK have applied for an early deadline course. The number of applicants from the most advantaged backgrounds grew by 4 per cent, to 16,010.

All of today’s statistics can be found in our new interactive dashboard, allowing users to visualise and tailor the reporting to their own specifications.

Clare Marchant, UCAS’ Chief Executive, said, ‘I’m inspired by the record number of students who are ready to take on the challenge of demonstrating they have the knowledge, skills, and potential to succeed on these ever-competitive courses.

‘It’s encouraging to see so many students aim high with their applications, many of whom will have explored their options in the new UCAS Hub, which encourages them to be more aspirational with their courses.

'Today’s numbers are an initial temperature check, representing around a tenth of everyone who will apply by the end of the cycle. The full diagnosis will be delivered once the 15 January deadline passes.’


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Notes for editors

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, is an independent charity, and the UK's shared admissions service for higher education. We manage almost three million applications, from around 700,000 people each year, for full-time undergraduate courses at over 380 universities and colleges across the UK.

This analysis commences reporting for the 2020 UCAS Undergraduate admissions cycle.

The 15 October deadline was applicable for most medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science/medicine courses, as well as all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

15 January 2020 is the equal consideration deadline for all other undergraduate courses. UCAS will publish these applicant figures on 6 February 2020.

A full timetable of upcoming statistical publications is available, including dates for the End of Cycle Reports from the recently concluded 2019 admissions cycle.

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