Nearly 28,000 people accepted to teacher training programmes in England and Wales last year, up 6.5%

Posted Thu 14 April 2016 - 15:41
UCAS today publishes the 2015 UCAS Teacher Training End of Cycle figures. These include applicant and application data and analysis for the admissions service for postgraduate teacher training courses.

The UCAS Teacher Training scheme brings together higher education based, School Direct, School Direct salaried and SCITT (school-centred initial teacher training) programmes into one admissions service.

Overall in the 2015 UCAS Teacher Training cycle applications were received from 47,200 applicants. In the 2014 cycle this figure was 54,100. However, as Scottish providers of postgraduate teacher training left the UCAS Teacher Training scheme at the end of the 2014 cycle, directly comparing these figures does not give an accurate view of demand. Instead, looking at applicants from England and Wales should be considered.

Applicants from England

There were 42,400 applicants from England in 2015, a decrease of 3,000 (-6.5%) compared to 2014. However, of these applicants, 25,300 were placed in 2015 (an acceptance rate of 59.7%) compared to 23,700 in 2014 (acceptance rate of 52.2%), meaning that more applicants secured a place this year.

Applications to English and Welsh providers

In terms of applications (choices), providers in England received 128,700 applications in the 2015 cycle. This is a decrease on the number received in 2014 (139,600) of -7.8% (-10,900 applications). These providers accepted 26,900 applicants in 2015, compared to 25,000 in 2014, and so, despite the decrease in applications to these providers, they placed 1,900 more applicants (+7.5%).

For providers in Wales in 2015, 24% fewer applications (3,300) were received than in 2014 (4,400). And although these providers accepted a higher proportion of their applications in 2015 than they did in 2014, they placed 990 applicants by the end of the cycle, a decrease of 14.7% (-170 applicants) compared to their acceptances in 2014 of 1,160.

Overall, the number of applicants placed to English or Welsh providers saw a rise of 1,700 acceptances (+6.5%) to 27,900.

 The 2014 full applicant and application figures can also be seen on our website.





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