The UCAS International Team will be part of the British Council's Education UK exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre between 26 and 27 January.
Posted Thu 24 January 2013 - 00:00

The number of applicants from Hong Kong who won places at UK universities and colleges hit a record high last year, UCAS figures have revealed.

The UCAS International Team will be part of the British Council's Education UK exhibition at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre between 26 and 27 January.

The team will be on hand to explain the essential parts of the UCAS application process, such as researching courses, writing personal statements, interview preparation, and much more.

Final UCAS figures for 2012 show the total number of accepted applicants from Hong Kong to all universities and colleges in the UK rose by nearly 21%, climbing from 3,242 in 2011 to 3,916.

In many countries, students must apply separately to each university or college. The UK is different – higher education admissions are managed by a central service called UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), with courses and institutions listed on one website.

Students are guided, step-by-step, through the process and use the online application system, Apply. It's not too late to apply this year  UCAS will be speaking about the application timetable at the exhibition.

The large increase in applications to UK institutions in 2012 came after a 'double cohort' of students gained both the new HKDSE and the outgoing Hong Kong A level exam. This produced a shortfall in local higher education provision, although it is likely that applicant numbers to the UK would have risen in any case.

Kristine Murray, UCAS' International Manager, will be answering any questions students have on the application process in Hall 3G, in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre over the weekend. She will be hosting a seminar on how to apply for an undergraduate course through UCAS between 14:30 and 15:00 on Saturday 26 January.

Kristine said: 'We are delighted to be back in Hong Kong, where thousands of talented students are ready to make the decision to come and study in the UK.

'Although the large percentage change in 2012 is due to special circumstances, it's likely that we would have seen an increase in applications from Hong Kong this year in any case.

'Our centralised system of applying makes the process much simpler for applicants, but students and their advisers will still have lots of questions and we are very happy to answer them. Over 8,000 people came to last year's event and around half were parents.

'With the new HKDSE qualification becoming fully embedded this year, information and advice for applicants is more important than ever. It's also crucial that we help UK universities spread the message that they see the new HKDSE as a credible qualification.

'I believe the UK will remain a very popular destination for international applicants and from Hong Kong students in particular this year. We offer a wide variety of courses of proven quality and reputation.

'Attending these events gives thousands of potential applicants access to all the support and advice they need about the UCAS process. I'm really excited to be here.'

Sophie Cannon, Marketing and Communications Manager for the British Council, said: 'UK education is all about helping students to reach their true potential, develop their skills and prepare for a career.

'From our surveys, we know that students have a great time in the UK. It's a friendly place that welcomes students from all religions, cultures and nations. Most universities have lively Student Unions, where you can make friends, join clubs and try out new hobbies.'


Notes to Editors

Kristine Murray is available for interviews. For more information call the UCAS Press Office on +44 (0) 1242 545469 or email James Woodward.

About UCAS

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, is the UK's shared admissions service for higher education. The charity manages applications from over 600,000 applicants each year for full-time undergraduate courses at over 300 institutions across the UK.

About UCAS International Team

UCAS has a dedicated International Team including Sally Mansell, Head of International Strategy and Kristine Murray, International Manager.

Their role is to make sure international applicants and advisers have the right help and advice at each step of their UCAS journey. The team are at international exhibitions, conferences and events throughout the year, and are ready to answer questions.

The team will be at the following events this year:

  • 26-27 January – British Council Education UK exhibition in Hong Kong
  • 4-6 March – British Council Going Global 2013 Conference in Dubai, UAE (with adviser training/school visits TBC)
  • 12 March – College Week Live (Virtual Exhibition) in USA
  • 24 March – British Council Education UK exhibition in Singapore
  • 30-31 March – British Council Education UK exhibition in Malaysia
  • 11-13 May – COBIS Annual Conference, London
  • 13-14 June – UCAS International Teachers and Advisers Conference in London, United Kingdom
  • 9-11 July – Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling (OACAC) Annual Conference in New York, USA

About the British Council

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. We call this work cultural relations.

We are on the ground in six continents and over 100 countries bringing international opportunity to life, every day. Each year we work with millions of people, connecting them with the United Kingdom, sharing our cultures and the UK's most attractive assets: English, the arts, education and our ways of living and organising society. We have over 75 years' experience of doing this.

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UCAS Press Office: 01242 545469

James Woodward, Press Officer

Notes to editors

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admission Service, is a charity and is the UK's leading shared admissions service for higher education. We manage applications from over 650,000 applicants each year for full-time undergraduate courses at over 300 institutions across the UK.

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