The unique partnership allows universities and colleges to provide data-driven solutions to improve the student experience and student outcomes.
Posted Tue 18 February 2020 - 14:00

UCAS Media, the wholly own commercial subsidiary of the UK’s shared admissions service, UCAS, and Civitas Learning today announced a strategic partnership to support universities and colleges to truly understand students’ profiles, identify those at risk of leaving, and personalise help and advice throughout the student lifecycle.

The partnership is part of UCAS’ five-year strategy to collaborate with innovative and trusted partners, developing data and analytics that can be used responsibly and effectively to help students and providers.

Universities and colleges are facing increasing demands from students, parents, and policy makers alike, to offer supportive and personalised experiences. Civitas Learning’s technology will help UCAS Media responsibly manage and analyse data, empowering universities to offer help to students at the right times, ensuring they succeed on their course, and have pastoral support outside the lecture theatre.

The opportunities created by UCAS Media and Civitas Learning working together will, for the first time, combine a provider’s UCAS data with the analytic power and actionable insights that Civitas Learning’s solutions provide. It will give universities a starting point on the journey to underpinning action with data, to enable better outcomes for them and their students.

Sarah Barr Miller, Head of Insight, UCAS Media, added: ‘Working with Civitas, we’ll be helping universities maintain and maximise student retention. By understanding predictive indicators of non-continuation of higher education courses, providers will be able to adjust processes and intervene to reduce numbers dropping out. We’ll be using Civitas’ existing software, along with provider data, to identify groups most at risk of non-continuation, focusing initially on students in widening participation groups. This partnership enables us to stretch our consultancy offering to a new space – beyond recruitment and into retention – as well as accelerate our use of data science in services to the sector, and establish a new income stream for our consultancy offer’.

Mara Richard, VP International, Civitas Learning, states: 'We are very excited about this partnership with UCAS Media. This is a broader partnership, but our first focus is on utilising UCAS and institution-specific data to help institutions better understand students and equalise opportunity and attainment. UCAS Media has an interest in demonstrating its commitment to responsibly utilising its data, which we wholeheartedly applaud. We are committed to supporting UK universities and colleagues to meet the increasing pressures and demands that they are facing today'.


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UCAS Media is the commercial subsidiary that is wholly owned by UCAS. UCAS Media generates commercial revenue in support of UCAS’ charitable objectives and ambitions by connecting clients to engaged audiences and offering strategic consultancy and insights services. UCAS Media collaborates closely with its clients, who consist of education and local and global commercial brands.

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