UCAS today publishes a comprehensive set of data resources on full-time undergraduate university admissions.
Posted Wed 21 January 2015 - 00:00

UCAS today publishes a comprehensive set of data resources on full-time undergraduate university admissions.

They provide raw data on applicants, applications and acceptances and cover different types of applicants (including age and ethnic group) and HE courses (including universities and colleges).

Amongst the topics covered in the data resources are sex, subject of study and qualifications held.

Two UCAS Analysis notes, also published today, draw on these results.

The first shows that more women than men were recruited into two thirds of subject areas in 2014, with a record 57,800 more women than men accepted overall.

The second note, also drawing on the data resources published today, shows how students holding BTECs are becoming the norm at more and more providers.

Many more results are in the data files, including –

  • 45,000 UK students from the Asian ethnic group were accepted, and 30,000 from the Black ethnic group  – both the highest numbers ever placed by UCAS.
  • 36,000 UK applicants who declared a disability were accepted to HE – 3,700 higher than last year and the largest number placed by UCAS.

All the data resources are also provided in a format suitable for further analysis and provide figures going back at least five years. These data resources, with the 2014 End of Cycle report, complete the scheduled reporting on the 2014 cycle.



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Notes to Editors:

Today, the statistics are available in the News section of the current ucas.com. When our new website becomes available on Thursday 22 January, all the data resources will be integrated into the Data and Analysis section, within the ‘Corporate’ area.

The national-level data resources released today include applicant and acceptance numbers by:

  • Country of domicile (where applicants live)
  • Main UCAS scheme and Clearing routes
  • Age, sex, ethnic group and disability
  • School type
  • Qualification type (A Level, BTEC, SQA)
  • Deferred Entry (‘gap years’)
  • Country of university or college applied to
  • Subject chosen

UCAS also releases data for each university and college in the UCAS system, split by:

  • Domicile, age, sex and ethnic group of applicants
  • Qualifications held by applicants (A Level, BTEC, SQA)
  • Subject group applied to

Scotland and late acceptances

Data tables and figures that report total acceptances (rather than acceptances from applicants who applied before June 30) may include very late acceptances that are recorded right up to when the cycle closes.

The number of these acceptances can vary from cycle to cycle and in 2014 there were around 2,000 fewer late acceptances than in previous cycles recorded for providers in Scotland. This variability may mean that the number of applicants and acceptances to Scottish providers in 2014 could be underreported compared to 2013 and other recent admissions cycles.  .

The time series of applicants and acceptances who applied by the June 30th deadline does not include these late acceptances and so is unaffected by any year-on-year variability.

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, is a charity and the UK’s shared admissions service for higher education. We manage applications from over 700,000 applicants each year for full-time undergraduate courses at around 370 universities and colleges across the UK.

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