Here it is. The full-monty, no holds-barred, five-chapter rollout of the UCAS Student Lifestyle Report 2021. The insight within spans the most monumental year of most students’ lives, and covers Brand, Spend, Technology, Gaming, Social Media, Entertainment, Food, and Travel. If you’re looking to understand what makes students tick, and how COVID has changed their decision making and behaviours, then pause, grab a coffee, and settle in.


Last year saw a real shake-up in brand loyalty. Was it the drive to find alternative methods of entertainment, or a shift in ethics and morals for Gen Z?


Influence is a commodity, knowing who commands it is a necessity. The popularity of  social media influencers can be short-lived indeed... 

  1. Molly Mae
  2. Pewdiepie
  3. The Sidemen
  4. Nella Rose
  5. KSI
  6. Kylie Jenner
  7. James CHarles
  8. David Dobrik
  9. Emma Chamberlain | BTS
  10. Olivia Neil | Sophia/Cinzia | Christiano Ronaldo


Born with the milkmen and paperboys of the 1800s, but revolutionised with e-commerce in the 2010s, subscription boxes are fast becoming yet another new normal.

One year on, a feeling of hope

Our Student Lifestyle Report, now in its tenth year, is designed to determine how behaviours in students have changed over the past 12 months, to inform strategy for the next 12.

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