Well if there has ever been a year where we’ve been more reliant on technology, we can’t name it. And for students, the effect has been even more pronounced, with remote learning becoming their new normal, at least for now. Habits, behaviours, and purchasing patterns have all changed, and in our Technology & Gaming chapter, we’ll unpick it for you.


University start dates were up in the air for a long time, and this was reflected in when students made their big investments. Generally, it was a wait-and-see affair.


It has, for decades, all been about Playstation vs Xbox. But this year, as gender gaps close and age gaps widen, Nintendo makes its comeback.


Technology moves fast in the face of consumer taste. But in just three short years, smart tech has hit a significant roadblock, and the jury’s out on whether it can get going again.

Tech changes, for the tech generation, in the year of tech - Rebecca Hopwood

2020 has consequently changed how we interact with tech, what does this mean for the future?

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