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Our applicant data explorer can be used to interactively explore some of the data published in the data resources below.

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Data resources 

Applicants Applicants Acceptances
UK/EU/not EU domicile CD1_001_01.csv (1.16 KB) CD1_001_07.csv (1.15 KB)
Named country domicile CD1_002_01.csv (12.59 KB) CD1_002_07.csv (8.28 KB)
UK country domicile CD1_003_01.csv (1.36 KB) CD1_003_07.csv (1.34 KB)
UK region domicile CD1_004_01.csv (3.2 KB) CD1_004_07.csv (3.12 KB)
Age CD1_005_01.csv (1.63 KB) CD1_005_07.csv (1.59 KB)
Sex CD1_008_01.csv (856 bytes) CD1_008_07.csv (849 bytes)
Ethnic group (UK domiciled) CD1_009_01.csv (1.51 KB) CD1_009_07.csv (1.5 KB)
Disability (UK domiciled) CD1_010_01.csv (1.13 KB) CD1_010_07.csv (1.13 KB)
UK/EU/not EU domicile and sex CD1_011_01.csv (2.11 KB) CD1_011_07.csv (2.08 KB)
UK/EU/not EU domicile and age CD1_012_01.csv (5.56 KB) CD1_012_07.csv (5.37 KB)
UK country domicile and sex CD1_014_01.csv (2.62 KB) CD1_014_07.csv (2.55 KB)
UK country domicile and age CD1_015_01.csv (6.24 KB) CD1_015_07.csv (5.62 KB)
Age by sex CD1_016_01.csv (3.42 KB) CD1_016_07.csv (3.32 KB)


Undergraduate applicants Applicants Acceptances
UK/EU/ not EU domicile CD1_001_02.csv (1.15 KB) CD1_001_08.csv (1.14 KB)
UK country domicile CD1_003_02.csv (1.36 KB) CD1_003_08.csv (1.33 KB)
Age CD1_006_02.csv (1.46 KB) CD1_006_08.csv (1.42 KB)
Sex CD1_008_02.csv (856 bytes) CD1_008_08.csv (840 bytes)
Ethnic group (UK domiciled) CD1_009_02.csv (1.5 KB) CD1_009_08.csv (1.45 KB)
POLAR3 CD1_017_02.csv (2.04 KB) CD1_017_08.csv (1.93 KB)
POLAR4 CD1_018_02.csv (2.04 KB) CD1_018_08.csv (1.92 KB)


Postgraduate applicants Applicants Acceptances
UK/EU/not EU domicile CD1_001_03.csv (1.15 KB) CD1_001_09.csv (1.14 KB)
UK country domicile CD1_003_03.csv (1.34 KB) CD1_003_09.csv (1.32 KB)
Age CD1_007_03.csv (1.57 KB) CD1_007_09.csv (1.56 KB)
Sex CD1_008_03.csv (851 bytes) CD1_008_09.csv (840 bytes)
Ethnic group (UK domiciled) CD1_009_03.csv (1.49 KB) CD1_009_09.csv (1.38 KB)