Data explorer

Our provider data explorer can be used to interactively explore some of the data published in the data resources below.

The data explorer is intended for use on desktop computers with mouse control. It's compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

Data resources

Provider Applications Acceptances
Provider CD3_001_04.csv (3.79 KB) CD3_001_07.csv (3.74 KB)
Provider and UK/EU/not EU domicile CD3_002_04.csv (12.55 KB) CD3_002_07.csv (12.06 KB)
Provider and sex CD3_003_04.csv (7.95 KB) CD3_003_07.csv (7.87 KB)
Provider and age CD3_004_04.csv (23.27 KB) CD3_004_07.csv (20.23 KB)


Undergraduate provider Applications Acceptances
Provider CD3_001_05.csv (3.61 KB) CD3_001_08.csv (3.58 KB)


Postgraduate provider Applications Acceptances
Provider CD3_001_06.csv (3.75 KB) CD3_001_09.csv (3.71 KB)