Applications and acceptances for types of initial teacher training programme – 2018

Our detailed data resources are published at the end of each application cycle.

Our new application-based statistics are available in the zip folder below, with a time series of 2014 – 2018.

For people living in England and Wales, UCAS Teacher Training covers the overwhelming majority of postgraduate initial teacher training programmes. Statistics relating to these countries in the data resources can be taken as being close to all recruitment to postgraduate initial teacher training programmes. The data tables cover applications to providers in England, Wales, and Scotland (for the 2014 cycle only).

From the 2015 cycle onwards, applications to postgraduate teacher training programmes in Scotland were included in the UCAS Undergraduate admissions scheme – in 2014, these were recruited for through UCAS Teacher Training.

Context notes and the definitions document for these data resources can be found on the Technical notes page.

Data sets are available as CSV files, aggregated in the .zip folder available here:

UTT2 2018 Provision data resources zip folder (252.9 KB)

Data explorer

Our application data explorer can be used to interactively explore some of the data published in the 2018 data resources.

The data explorer is intended for use on desktop computers with mouse control. It's compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.