UCAS timetable of data and analysis

We publish a wide range of undergraduate, conservatoire, and teacher training statistics and analysis reports throughout the year, for use across the education sector and beyond.

Key releases across the cycle

  • Reports on higher education applicant statistics after each of the three main UCAS Undergraduate deadlines, and the UCAS Conservatoires music deadline.
  • Interim statistics on UCAS Teacher Training applications each month.
  • Acceptance data on SQA and A level results days.
  • End of cycle reports on trends and patterns across entire cycles.
  • End of cycle datasets and resources.

Key publication information

  • Additions or changes to this timetable may be made with 28 days notice, in line with our voluntary compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics (123.24 KB).
  • Unless specified, publication time for each release is at 00:01.
  • If you have any questions about upcoming publications, please email [email protected].

Take a look at the table below for detailed information and timings.

Upcoming publication dates

Publication date Cycle/scheme Data reference date Type of release Scope
24 September 2020 (Thurs) 2020/UCAS
The release date for this report has changed from 17 September to 24 September to allow adequate time for analysis following the re-award of qualifications.
Daily Clearing analysis. Daily Clearing Analysis for 28 days after A level results day, compared to 28 days after A level results day in previous cycles.
1 October 2020 (Thurs) 2020/UTT 21 September 2020 UCAS Teacher Training applicant and application stats (interim) – September. Summary analysis of UCAS Teacher Training applicants and applications.


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