Our data reporting 2020 UCAS Undergraduate applicants by week of application

The data in the zip file below gives the number of applicants who had applied to courses in the 2020 cycle through UCAS Undergraduate.

UCAS Undergraduate covers applicants and applications to courses in the UK recruited through UCAS. In Scotland, there is a substantial section of provision, representing around a third of young full-time undergraduate study in Scotland, that is not included in UCAS' figures. For people living in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, UCAS covers the overwhelming majority of full-time undergraduate provision.

Context notes and definitions are available in the interactive dashboard.

The data is available as a CSV file here:

2020 UCAS Undergraduate weekly applicant numbers (10.11 KB)

Key dates

Applicants were able to submit applications for all 2020 Undergraduate courses since early September.

15 October 2019 was the equal consideration deadline for most Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary courses, and courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Applicants who submitted their applications to UCAS by the 15 January 2020 were considered "on time" applicants for the large majority of courses offered through UCAS. 

All main scheme applications were received by 30 June 2020, any applicants who made their applications after this date were entered directly into Clearing.