eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, international wireless service that is available to all employees at UCAS. We offer the home and visited service.

Before you connect

Read the following acceptable use information from UCAS and eduroam before you start using eduroam. This will ensure you are using the service correctly, and securely.

UCAS employees must:

  • only connect to UCAS systems and networks via a secured wired or wireless network, including when working from home
  • use the secure eduroam wireless system when working off-site at an eduroam participating institution
  • not use available UCAS wireless networks for personal use on your personal device without requesting permission by raising a call with the IT Service Desk
  • only turn on wireless or Bluetooth on UCAS equipment when it is necessary to access wireless network services and remote devices

Please read the eduroam UK policy before connecting. 

Connect to eduroam

We will shortly be providing manual configuration instructions for Windows 7 operating system. We are also currently working on connecting to the Configuration Assistant Tool to ensure configuring your device is as easy as possible.

Once your device is configured, simply sign in to eduroam using your normal login details.  


When visiting providers that are subscribed to eduroam, you can take advantage of quick and easy access to the service. You no longer have to be granted visitor access to their wireless network. If you’re a customer visiting UCAS, and are subscribed to eduroam, you can also take advantage of the quick and easy service.

Where can you use eduroam?

To find out where you can use eduroam, take a look at the eduroam members list. 

Visitors to UCAS

If you are visiting UCAS and are having difficulty connecting to the eduroam service, please contact your home institution IT Service Desk in the first instance. If they are able to confirm your home eduroam profile is working correctly but you still cannot connect, please contact our IT Service Desk, your host will help you do this.