Other Construction and Building Trades

Other Those working in construction and building trades undertake a variety of tasks in the construction, alteration, maintenance and repair of buildings, steeples, industrial chimneys and other tall structures, and of underwater structures.


New workers
£ 12,471
£ 25,980
£ 37,202

Available jobs

In the past year there were 96,936 vacancies for this type of job

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What they do most days?

  • Checks and puts on diving suit and equipment and descends underwater to carry out construction, maintenance and repair tasks on sites such as oil rigs, harbours, bridges etc.

  • Erects and repairs fencing.

  • Maintains and repairs steeples, industrial chimneys and other high structures, and installs and replaces lightning conductors.

  • Installs plumbing fixtures, woodwork structures and fittings, and sets glass in frames.

  • Pours and levels concrete, prepares surfaces for painting and plastering, and mixes and applies plaster and paint.

  • Lays bricks, tiles and building blocks to construct, repair and decorate buildings.

  • Selects, measures and cuts steel bars, rods and wire to required lengths, positions and fixes reinforcements into position and tensions as required using hydraulic jacks.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are specific, learnable, measurable, often industry or occupation-specific abilities related to a position.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Construction

  • Carpentry

  • Marketing

  • Plumbing

  • Plastering

  • Painting

  • Tiling

  • Paving

  • Excavation

  • Trenching

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be self-taught and usually do not necessitate a certain completed level of education.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Communications

  • Management

  • Customer Service

  • Strong Work Ethic

  • Detail Oriented

  • Operations

  • Planning

  • Self-Motivation

  • Problem Solving

  • Enthusiasm

How do I get a job like this?

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