Shopkeepers and Proprietors – Wholesale and Retail

Shopkeepers and proprietors in this unit group co-ordinate, direct and undertake the activities in the running of small, independent retail and wholesale establishments.


New workers
£ 13,889
£ 29,630
£ 55,027

Available jobs

In the past year there were 36,406 vacancies for this type of job

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What they do most days?

  • Examines quality of merchandise and ensures that effective use is made of advertising and display facilities.

  • Authorises payment for supplies received and decides on vending price and credit terms.

  • Maintains financial and other shop records and controls security arrangements for the premises.

  • Ensures that adequate reserves of merchandise are held and orders new stock as required.

  • Provides information about merchandise to staff and customers and ensures customer complaints are appropriately dealt with.

  • Oversees staff training, rotas and the allocation of work.

  • Determines staffing, financial, material and other short- and long-term requirements.

  • Defines the market position for the business, decides what to sell, forecasts demand and develops the brand image of the business.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are specific, learnable, measurable, often industry or occupation-specific abilities related to a position.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Merchandising

  • Cash Handling

  • Electronic Point Of Sale

  • Marketing

  • Stock Control

  • Fundraising

  • Housekeeping

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Stock Management

  • Food Preparation

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be self-taught and usually do not necessitate a certain completed level of education.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Management

  • Communications

  • Leadership

  • Operations

  • Enthusiasm

  • Willingness To Learn

  • Detail Oriented

  • Coaching

How do I get a job like this?

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