At Buzzacott, we all work together under one roof at our office in St Paul's, London, making us the largest single office accountancy firm in the UK. We are also part of PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accounting firms.

With over 100 years of history, and over 600 employees, we help clients with a variety of needs; from accounting and audit, expat & UK tax advice, business services, to financial planning. Our clients range from individuals, to charities, SME’s and large corporates.

Most of our employees work co-operatively in specialist teams in one main London office, tailor-making solutions for our clients. We long ago moved from being accountants, to being advisers and are now partners to our clients. In fact, we believe that what we do is as much about relationships as expertise, so we’re looking for individuals who are prepared to look beyond the numbers, to see the people and stories behind them.

Our Buzzacott Trainees: Empowering Future Leaders

We're ranked 24 in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers; our trainees have higher success rates than companies like Amazon and KPMG.

Who we are:

At Buzzacott, we all work together under one roof at our office in St Paul's, London, making us the largest single office accountancy firm in the UK. We are also part of PrimeGlobal, an association of independent accounting firms.

With over 100 years of history and over 600 employees, we’re a professional services firm helping clients with a variety of needs. Our clients range from individuals and charities to SMEs and large corporates. Based in our main London office, all our employees work in specialist teams, tailor-making solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on being more than accountants, we are advisors and partners to our clients with much of what we do being about the relationships we build, as well as the expertise we can offer. If you’re ready to embark on your professional career, and are prepared to be a specialist advisor, we would love to hear from you.

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Buzzacott LLP, 130 Wood Street, London, EC2V 6DL

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Accounting, Audit, Advisory and Tax Services

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One thing I really like about Buzzacott is that each of our personal goals are heard. Different people have different career progression goals, and this is reflected in how we operate.

Having done a module on tax in my degree at the University, I knew I wanted a role in tax. I quickly got involved with advisory work and my day is mixed which broadens my experience.There’re lots of social events, meaning you get to know people across the company at all levels.

Since joining, I’ve found that Buzzacott’s lived up to the reputation - everyone has been welcoming and open.

Being client facing so early on has been a standout part of my role. Meeting with clients makes your contribution more tangible. Partners are approachable as they’re always on the office floor which also makes it easy to collaborate with them.
The individuals who have joined with me are fun, hardworking and intelligent. I only see good things in Buzzacott’s future.
Rosie Webb-Jenkins
Financial Planning Consultant


At Buzzacott, our culture is built on a foundation of trust - everyone is respected, supported, and encouraged to be themselves. Our team members are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities to enable them to thrive individually and contribute to the firm’s success. As part of our People First strategy which encompasses our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives, we’re pleased to be recognised as an ‘Inclusive Employer’. Inclusive Employers are the first and leading membership organisation for employers who are committed to prioritising inclusion and creating truly inclusive workplaces. From providing our team members quiet spaces for prayers to educational lunches and events to celebrate all walks of life, we strive to create a comfortable workplace where all our people have a sense of belonging. In addition, we have volunteering schemes in local schools, farms, and food banks. We’ve also set up a memorial fund in memory of the late Buzzacott partner and friend to many, Stuart Defries, that reaches both local and international causes. Our people make us who we are today. With several hundreds of people, speaking over 25 languages, ranging in age and background. Not only are we recognised as a top 100 apprenticeship employer, we’re also a top 25 accountancy firm for charities, corporates, and individuals.


Trust: Everything we do is based on trust. Trust between colleagues internally, trust between us and our clients. Client focus: We see each client as an individual. By taking the time to know them and understand their view - whether familiar or unusual - we can shape our service to fit them. We believe that it’s only when we’re standing where they’re standing that we can serve them properly. Exceptional service: We always add value. By making extra efforts to support people as well as we can and continually striving to be the best at what we do. Approachability: We collaborate. By working to create a friendly, open and receptive environment when we talk to both clients and each other. Specialism: And we’re specialists. We’re sector experts in multiple areas, plus niche sectors handled by few other firms. So you find opportunities here that you don’t find elsewhere.


No. 24 in the top 100 Apprenticeship Employers


Sustainability Initiative of the year


Best Graduate and Apprenticeship Training Programme - PQ Magazine