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Can you see yourself being a CEO for a well-known company or charity one day? Maybe you want to set up your own business? In business and administration, you’re at the core of how companies function and meet their goals.

What is a business and administration apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in business and administration is a practical, work-based route into business, project management, HR, or other similar careers. You will gain the qualifications and skills to work in the field while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.

It's a great starting point if you want to work in the business sector. You could be managing large projects, coordinating teams, or looking for top talent, to name a few.

Career opportunities from a business and administration apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in business and administration can lead to a range of careers, including a:

Getting a good basis of how businesses work is also a great foundation if you want to set up your own company.

Nicholas is a business management apprentice at PwC.
The average salary for a business administrator apprentice
*According to Reed, correct as of November 2022
Popular apprenticeship**
Business and admin was the 2nd most popular apprenticeship sector in the UK in 2021/22
**GOV.UK, correct as of November 2022
Number of people starting a business and administration apprenticeship in 2021/22
GOV.UK, correct as of November 2022

Zara Khan, project management apprentice, Walsall Council

When I finished school, I was really unsure on what I wanted to do…When a business administration apprenticeship came up, I was encouraged to apply. The fact I would be able to have hands-on experience and get a qualification at the same time just made sense to me. By the time I’d completed my apprenticeship, I knew I enjoyed managing projects, so my current Level 4 in project management was a natural progression.

Johnny Gowdy, director of operations, PwC

When we’re looking for our apprentices, there really isn’t a specific type of person, or specific skill set we’re looking for. Instead, it’s about recognising people with ambition and a determination to succeed... Our role is to support our apprentices, professionally and emotionally, and ensure we’re equipping them with the expertise and skills to make a difference in their career. It really is an exciting time to become an apprentice.
  • You’ll be at the core of how the business works.
  • You can move into lots of different areas.
  • You’ll gain lots of key business skills.
  • It’s desk-based, so may not suit you if you’re looking for something more outdoorsy or hands-on.
  • You need to balance working and studying, which can be hard with a full-time job.
  • Business apprenticeships are very popular, so it can be competitive.

Who would suit an apprenticeship in business and administration?

You might be interested in a business and administration apprenticeship if you:

  • are interested in the ways businesses work
  • like the idea of managing projects or people
  • are entrepreneurial and are interested in starting your own business

You might be a good fit for a business apprenticeship if you:

  • are organised
  • are a good communicator
  • can meet deadlines
  • are proactive
  • can work well in a team
Zara is a business and administration apprentice at Walsall Council.

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FAQs about business and administration apprenticeships

Nicole Duff, business management apprentice, PwC

I always knew I wanted a career with PwC so the fact they offered a business management apprenticeship ticked all the boxes for me. As a mum of one and foster carer to two boys, I was a little worried I might struggle with working, studying, and being mum, but I actually feel less under pressure now than I did at full-time university. It does take some strict time management of course, but it’s completely doable because I’m surrounded by brilliant support from Ulster University and PwC.

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