Health and science

Are you interested in nursing for cancer patients or answering 999 calls? Maybe you want to work in a research lab or help people with their mental health? This sector is all about helping people live healthy lives.

What is a health and science apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in the sector is a practical, work-based route into your chosen career. You will gain the qualifications and skills to work in the field while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.

Health and science covers a broad range of areas, including:

  • medicine
  • nursing
  • healthcare
  • science
  • dentistry
  • exercise and fitness

Career opportunities from a health and science apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in the industry can lead to a range of careers, including a:

These are just a few examples. Health and science covers hundreds of different careers.

A day in the life of a Nursing Apprentice

Shevy is a nursing apprentice at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
The average salary of a nursing apprentice
According to Reed, correct as of January 2023
2nd most popular sector
Health and science was the 2nd most popular apprenticeship sector in the UK in 2021/22
GOV.UK, correct as of January 2023
Over 150,000
Number of people who started a health and science apprenticeship in 2021/22
GOV.UK, correct as of January 2023

Shaan Gill, laboratory science apprentice at AstraZeneca

Just be yourself, because personality is so crucial when employers are selecting apprentices. You’ll learn the skills you need to along the way, so it’s much more about whether you can demonstrate why you’re passionate about and interested in science.

Gemma Hayward, nursing apprentice at Great Ormond Street Hospital

There are definitely certain personality traits that are suited to healthcare roles and apprenticeships. Being proactive and organised are essential, as working and studying is challenging. But beyond that you need to have a kind and caring nature, and I’d say be quite a courageous person.

A day in the life of a Biology Apprentice

Sara is a biology apprentice at GSK.
  • You’ll make a difference to people's lives.
  • Every day is different.
  • You can see the outcomes of your work.
  • You might have to deal with emotional situations.
  • Roles often include shift work and unsociable hours.
  • Managing studying and working can be difficult.

Who would suit a health and science apprenticeship?

You might be interested in a health and science apprenticeship if you:

  • are passionate about helping people
  • want to positively impact the lives of people around you
  • enjoy working with people
  • are interested in science and how things work

You might be a good fit for a health and science apprenticeship if you:

  • are caring and kind
  • can deal with emotional situations
  • like the idea of each day being different
  • can remain calm in stressful situations
  • have good attention to detail

Find out more about careers in the NHS

The NHS offers a variety of careers in the health and science sector. Discover what roles are available and tips for applying.

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FAQs about health and science apprenticeships

Philippa Burton, dental nursing apprentice, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

I think what I love most is that I’m learning but with the benefit of being paid a salary. My apprenticeship is a pathway to a job so it feels a lot more secure than my previous jobs, plus there are loads of post-qualifications I can choose at the end to progress even further.

Kim Hardman, associate director and apprenticeship lead, AstraZeneca

The perception of apprenticeships has really changed and it’s certainly not a second-class option. Not only does it give you a science degree, but it allows you to work alongside world-leading scientists on really interesting projects that impact the world.

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