Transport and logistics

Are you interested in how to get things from A to B? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of travelling the world or flying a plane one day. In transport and logistics, you’re responsible for how things and people get from one place to another.

What is a transport and logistics apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in transport and logistics is a practical route into your chosen career. You will gain the qualifications and skills to work in the field while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.

You could be running your own port, getting important equipment from A to B, or flying an RAF helicopter, to name a few.

Career opportunities from a transport and logistics apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in the industry can lead to a range of careers, including a:

A day in the life of a Logistics Degree Apprentice

Chloe is a logistics degree apprentice at Morrisons.
Average starting salary for trainee train driver
GOV.UK, correct as of December 2022
Over 100,000
Number of people starting a transport apprenticeship in 2021/22
GOV.UK, correct as of December 2022

Amy Paterson, cabin crew apprentice at RAF Brize Norton

I never expected to experience so many different things when I came into the RAF. I was part of the crew making sure the people on flights from Afghanistan were safe one week, then flying to Cyprus and America the next. The job literally changes all the time.

Amanda Viljoen, Group Training Manager at AB Ports

I think there’s a misconception that the transport industry is male dominated. While that used to be true, it’s not the case today. We’re very much about equal opportunities and have seen many successful females come through the programme. Our culture is helping everyone achieve.
  • You’ll be at the heart of lots of important projects.
  • No two days are the same in this fast-paced sector.
  • There are lots of opportunities for progression.
  • Some roles require shift work or unsociable hours.
  • Working life can be unpredictable with lots of changes.
  • Roles carry a lot of responsibility.

Who would suit a transport and logistics apprenticeship?

You might be interested in a transport and logistics apprenticeship if you:

  • are interested in how things get from A to B
  • like the idea of managing projects and operations
  • are interested in driving, flying, or sailing

You might be a good fit for a transport or logistics apprenticeship if you:

  • are good at planning
  • are a good problem-solver
  • are responsible
  • like the idea of every day being varied
  • can work well under pressure
Chloe shares her top tips for securing an apprenticeship in transport and logistics.

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FAQs about transport and logistics apprenticeships

Dominik Karmalita, marine officer apprentice at AB ports

Something that worked in my favour when I applied was the preparation time I put in. I created a folder that expanded on my CV, with examples to really showcase how my skills matched the requirements. I gave them the folder to keep, and I had feedback that they were impressed with that.

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