Early Connect DfE

Find out about the Early Connect Pilot and how UCAS and the DfE will be supporting your school or college.

Duration: 01:1923 Oct 2023, 14:01

My top three uni living essentials

Unsure what to pack for university? George, from the University of Manchester, has you covered! He talks us through his uni living

Duration: 03:388 Aug 2023, 09:27

A day in the life of a Sales Apprentice

Marketing and sales teams help businesses find new customers and sell their products or services, which means an apprenticeship in this industry offer

Duration: 01:387 Aug 2023, 13:03

Personal Statement Hacks

Find out exactly what unis are looking for. We’ll debunk some personal statement myths and give you some top tips on what to include and what to avoid

Duration: 19:0216 Jun 2023, 10:19

Can you change your mind?

Changed your mind? It happens. Whether you want to take a gap year, look at apprenticeships, or change your course, episode two’s experts break down t

Duration: 21:596 Jun 2023, 09:34

UCAS application essentials

We walk through the UCAS application, with top tips, what's involved, how to boost yours – including uni taster sessions, gap years and volunteering.

Duration: 18:3026 May 2023, 13:51