Hub Live - Studying in the UK

There's a lot to consider when moving to a new country. We explore accommodation, visas, scholarships

Duration: 20:5020 Mar 2024, 15:31

Hub Live - 16 October deadline

Hear from the experts as we answer all your questions about making your application stand out.

Duration: 21:4722 Jun 2023, 12:39

Personal Statement Hacks

Find out exactly what unis are looking for. We’ll debunk some personal statement myths and give you some

Duration: 19:0216 Jun 2023, 10:19

UCAS application essentials

We walk through the UCAS application, with top tips, what's involved, how to boost yours – including

Duration: 18:3026 May 2023, 13:51

Live AMA: World of Work

We're joined by big brand employers including Amazon and the BBC who share their tips on how to stand

Duration: 28:5719 May 2023, 07:20

LIVE AMA University Life

Experts from three universities answer anything you want to know about student life.

Duration: 29:5118 May 2023, 09:44

Live AMA Careers Advice

Making decisions about your future can seem overwhelming – careers advisers answer your questions and

Duration: 29:2918 May 2023, 09:19

Shortlisting Workshop Hub Live

Struggling to narrow down your choices? We talk you through ways to shorten your list and work out exactly

Duration: 23:2928 Apr 2023, 07:23

Hub Live - Studying in the UK

There's a lot to consider when moving to a new country - we explore accommodation, visas, and everything

Duration: 21:5230 Mar 2023, 14:45

Hub Live - Researching your options

Making decisions about your future can seem overwhelming. We dive deep into everything you need to consider

Duration: 25:2429 Mar 2023, 10:05

Hub Live - events and open days

How to get prepared for an event or open day, and digest and make sense of your research. We share our

Duration: 17:3827 Feb 2023, 13:21