What is volunteering?

Find out what volunteering is in this short animated video

Duration: 01:4314 Feb 2023, 14:42

Weighing up your options hub live

With so many options to choose from, we speak to those who’ve experienced them first hand and find out

Duration: 17:4127 Jan 2023, 08:15

Interviews and auditions workshop

Ace your uni interview or audition with this session filled with hints and tips on how to present the

Duration: 29:5413 Dec 2022, 10:17

Hub Live - Write-along CV workshop

Get ahead of the game in our CV writing session. Whether you're applying for an apprenticeship or going

Duration: 26:1320 Oct 2022, 13:08

Modern apprenticeships

What's a Modern Apprenticeship really like? Don't just take our word for it. Hear from five apprentices

Duration: 02:1317 Oct 2022, 13:04

Personal statement Hub Live

Make sure you smash that all important personal statement with this workshop full of hints and tips to

Duration: 31:1826 Sept 2022, 14:22

15 October - Hub Live

Applying for Oxford/Cambridge, or courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science or dentistry? Find

Duration: 32:4220 Sept 2022, 14:02

Liam's apprenticeship story

Hear from Liam about what his day-to-day life is like as a higher apprentice at Tata Steel in Port Talbot.

Duration: 01:3720 Sept 2022, 08:50

UCAS Personal Statement Builder

A step by step guide about how to use our personal statement builder and make the most out of our content.

Duration: 01:3616 Sept 2022, 12:11

What do my students need to know?

Advisors give their advice to teachers on how to help their students write a great personal statement.

Duration: 02:3414 Sept 2022, 14:55