Is Music Your Passion?

Echo Factory offer innovative and flexible course that put you straight at the heart of the music industry. Visit

Duration: 01:0126 Mar 2020, 00:10

Rewarding experience

Alex tells us why the hard work he has put into his course has been rewarding.

Duration: 00:0825 Mar 2020, 22:55


Laura found that her placement has been the best thing about her course.

Duration: 00:1825 Mar 2020, 22:50

Sports degree: coursemates

Cath thinks that the best thing about her course is the working relationship she has with her peers.

Duration: 00:0825 Mar 2020, 22:50

Vox-pop: fundraising

Callum talks about fundraising at university as part of his course in marketing and events.

Duration: 00:2316 Dec 2019, 08:00

UCB: Sport

UCB's sport courses focus on coaching, sports therapy, fitness, massage and sports management.

Duration: 01:0325 Sept 2019, 07:20

Vox-pop: stress

Oliver tells us about his most stressful time on his course and how others can avoid this.

Duration: 00:1029 Oct 2018, 10:10

Higher Education at Petroc

Studying a degree in Devon couldn’t be easier. Our Higher Education (HE) university courses offer high quality study in the local area.

Duration: 00:407 Aug 2018, 19:00

Why I love my course

Economics, surveying, politics and music students tell us the best things about studying their subjects.

Duration: 01:1223 Jun 2018, 02:35

Vox-pop: chemical engineering

Chemical engineering student, Sherace talks about how her course excites her and why she thinks others should study it.

Duration: 01:0123 Jun 2018, 02:35

Vox-pop: law exams

Law student Fatima tells us the best thing about her course and what her typical day looks like.

Duration: 00:5223 Jun 2018, 02:35

Vox-pop: media production

Media production students discuss the best things about their course, the most stressful period of their year and what their average day looks like.

Duration: 01:0023 Jun 2018, 02:35