Live AMA: World of Work

We're joined by big brand employers including Amazon and the BBC who share their tips on how to stand out from the crowd and future-proof your career.

Duration: 28:5719 May 2023, 07:20

Live AMA Careers Advice

Making decisions about your future can seem overwhelming – careers advisers answer your questions and give tips on how to decide which path to take.

Duration: 29:2918 May 2023, 09:19

Hartpury Animal and Land careers

Animal and Land graduates talk about how studying for a degree at Hartpury has helped them unlock doors to their dream careers.

Duration: 02:537 Dec 2021, 22:00

Money saving advice

Students give their tips of keeping costs down, budgeting and buying carefully.

Duration: 01:0423 Jun 2018, 02:35

Vox-pop: why university?

Ammar tells us why he thinks people should come to university – specialism, career building and networking.

Duration: 01:1023 Jun 2018, 02:35

In the workplace: Research

2012 graduate Ben tells us how his History degree has helped him develop his career, and how he sees it helping in the future.

Duration: 01:2214 Feb 2018, 16:05