Universal Centre of Sport


About us

Selecting the next path in a learning journey can be confusing for any student. Our dedicated professional team will help you to make an informed decision that best supports your career aspirations. 

UCS is an inclusive centre guided by the traditions of industry professionals, that places key emphasis on areas around intellectual curiosity, provision to others, and a comprehensive perspective on education. A UCS education grounded in sporting excellence, promotes career preparation and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth in sport and it's associated areas. A student-focused learning community that values equality and diversity, and focuses on the education of the whole person. Here at UCS, we guide the intellectual, ethical, and physical development of each of our students.


What makes us different

Helping You Exceed Expectations

UCS specialises in Undergraduate degree level programmes in the sports industry. Our industry based stepping-stone provides opportunities to develop coaching, employability and management skills necessary to be successful in your chosen career. 

The UCS tutors help to ensure that our student body achieves an outstanding success rate in completing their programmes and moving into education or employment. This culminates in students gaining added value in deeper knowledge and best practices, leading to a truly outstanding experience within the sports industry.

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