University Academy 92 (UA92)

Old Trafford

  • Location: City


UA92 is a new and disruptive player in the world of education, and one of its key innovations is in the approach to teaching and course delivery.

The timetable is structured so students' study either in the morning from 9am-1pm or the afternoon from 2pm-6pm, which remains the same throughout the course. Students focus on one study module at a time with character and personal development integrated throughout their studies.

Many of the courses are co-developed with industry partners like Microsoft and KPMG, to ensure the curriculum is delivering relevant knowledge and skills which are desirable to future employers in these fields.

Courses are available at multiple levels of study and with 6 entry points throughout the year: September, November, January, February, April and June, offering greater flexibility to students.

Uniquely, the academic year is split into 6-week blocks. Students focus on studying one subject module per block, with assessments taking place within the module.

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