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Student life

We know that there is life outside of lectures, and that’s why we invest in student experience as well as libraries and classrooms. 

UEA campus is lively and active mini-city and there’s always something happening. On The Street, you can open a bank account, do laundry, get your bike fixed or grab a coffee. 

When you join us at UEA, you become part of a community. We are here to help you find hobbies and pursue your interests. The wide range of extracurricular activities and over 250 societies mean we’re confident that you will find your passion and like-minded friends.  

The SU has a massive calendar of free events and activities, three bars, global food, a live music venue, community spaces and a hub of student services, to support you with anything academic, housing or welfare-related. 

Beyond campus, Norwich is a city of culture. You’ll follow cobbled lanes to visit iconic medieval halls and besure to taste the delights of our local eaters.

What's it like to live in East of England?
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The East of England is made up of five counties and cities like Luton, Norwich, and Cambridge. Made famous by its namesake university, picturesque Cambridge attracts droves of visitors, with graduates including Stephen Hawking and Emma Thompson.

Branch out and you’ll find Europe’s equivalent to Silicon Valley – Silicon Fen – a burgeoning hub for big tech players and software start-ups.

This corner of England has a star-studded history, too. Iconic movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and The Shining were shot at Elstree Studios in Essex. Meanwhile, the University of East Anglia served as Avengers HQ in multiple Marvel movies.

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What's it like to live in Norwich?
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A bustling, historical city, with the coast and countryside only a stone's throw away, laid-back Norwich offers the best of both worlds.

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Campus and facilities

UEA’s campus is like a mini city- It’s big enough to find your niche but small enough to call home. From the iconic architecture designed by Denys Lasdum in the 1960’s to the unknown eye might look like a concert jungle but has secured it place in architecture history. It was futuristic then and this continue as we grew with the Sainsburys Art centre and Enterprise centre thinking about sustainability and layout. Even the Avenger movie used us as it headquarters a homage to our campus being unique. Don’t worry if you’re not big on buildings as we have 360 acres of campus which is home to 5,793 different species of plant and animal, including 108 which are rare or endangered. You could say we have it all with amazing on-campus facilities like the Ziggurats that face the lake and not to be missed sunsets. 

Course locations

Main Site

University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Main Site

Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

University of East Anglia

Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ