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About us

Richmond American University London, established in 1972, is a unique institution with a mission to educate and inform future generations by providing them with the knowledge and support to think critically, the freedom to challenge assumptions and the skills to work with others. We award our students both a UK and a US degree on the basis of an applied liberal arts curriculum in the American tradition..

Our undergraduate students gain comprehensive knowledge across a range of disciplines and develop this through specialisation in a major with the option to study further areas as minors.

A diverse community of around 1000 students benefits from award-winning student support, small class sizes, high contact hours, integrated internships and service-learning opportunities, and dedicated highly qualified academic faculty.

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Chiswick Park Campus

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What makes us different

We're the only US university where all degrees are UK and US awards. Our liberal arts education empowers students to solve problems, adapt, and collaborate. It also prepares students to become the types of employees organisations want to hire. But a liberal arts education doesn’t just provide great employability. It also enhances students’ personal and social development, providing them with self-confidence, self-understanding and a sense of social responsibility. A liberal arts education at Richmond can foster those qualities and skills, providing choice, freedom and diversity.

Long-term cost savings

At Richmond American University London, you could gain a UK scholarship, saving you £3,085 in tuition fees each academic year. So instead of paying tuition fees of £9,250 each year, you would pay £6,165, making studying more affordable and reducing the amount you pay back on your student loan.

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The classes I followed at Richmond were unique thanks to the engaging and practical attitude of the professors. Along with theoretical concepts and practical knowledge, they instilled in us the thirst for critical thinking, which fundamentally shaped me as a person and allowed me to stand out in my career

Carolina Cirillo
BA (Hons) International Relations graduate
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Chiswick Park Campus

Building 12, Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YA