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About us

Since its founding in 1943, London School of Theology has been committed to offering the highest standard of theological education. We offer a thought-provoking and challenging range of courses that will enhance your walk with God while preparing you to engage with the world. We design programmes to give you a Biblical and theological foundation on which to build your life - rooted in Christ, centred in the gospel.

At LST, we're focus on building up a community of Christians grounded in the gospel, but prepared to step out into the world to live for Christ. This is why our wide range of vocations is always taught alongside theology.

Many of our students have gone on to have a significant impact in various contexts around the world, including in missions, worship ministry, counselling and psychotherapy, church leadership, teaching, charity work, academia - and much more!

Why apply to LST?

Want to deepen your theological understanding? Or perhaps learn more about the connection between theology and worship? Or even theology and counselling? Whether you're leaving sixth form and looking for a place at university, or have just graduated and are looking for opportunities for further study or research, LST has a programme that could work for you. All of our programmes at LST are designed to give you a Biblical and theological foundation on which to build your life and ministry - whether that's through church leadership, worship, teaching, counselling, academia... Our students go on to develop careers in a wide variety of vocations. So if you're interested in deepening your faith and finding out exactly how it connects to your chosen vocation, then why not apply today?

What makes us different

At London School of Theology, we're passionate about linking theology to all areas of life, giving you a solid Biblical grounding on which to build your chosen vocation. Theology informs the way we see the world, and so we not only offer programmes based purely around theology, but also a range of programmes that link theology to your chosen vocation - whether it's counselling, worship or liberal arts. We have a course to suit everyone.

We also offer the option of flexible study for all of our courses, meaning you can fit your study around work, family life, or whatever else you've got going on.

As a London college, we're well connected to the city, which is just 30 minutes away on the tube. Similarly, Heathrow Airport is a 45 minute drive away, keeping you connected to the wider world.

"LST isn't for everyone," says third year Theology student Jude King. "It's hard, it's challenging. If you're not willing to give of yourself, then you're not going to get anything out of it. "But, if you want to get a deeper understanding of who God is, what his Word is, what it means for the here and now; if you're willing to be challenged, to have your views shaken and be humbled in order to grow and give a better defence of your faith; if you're wanting a community where you can actually study theology in a Christian community that will invest in you, grow you and build you up - then LST will be the place for you. "At LST, I've found a community that has invested in me, helped me grow, supported me. And as I move towards graduation and then on to work in ministry, I know that my time here has helped me build a foundation that's secure, one that has informed and equipped me to serve the Lord in all I go on to do."

Why LST?

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