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About us

Based in Bath, Norland offers world-class degree-based training for students aspiring to be the very best professional early years practitioners. 

Students pursue two distinct qualifications: a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care (from 2023, subject to validation) alongside the practical Norland diploma. 

Norland’s comprehensive training includes a value-added curriculum that teaches students additional skills such as paediatric first aid, self-defence, cyber security, advanced driving skills and dedicated employment training. Norland’s extensive training is what sets its graduates apart and ensures high demand for fully qualified Norlanders or Norland Nannies, as graduates are known. 

Graduates have outstanding employment prospects upon leaving and throughout their careers. Norland has its own employment agency, providing 100% employment opportunities for fully qualified Norland Nannies to work with children and families. 

What makes us different

There are many reasons why Norland is different to any other university offering an early childhood degree.  

Partly it’s the 130-year reputation dedicated to pioneering early years training and producing the best early years practitioners. Partly it’s the award-winning training students receive that perfectly blends theory, practice and extensive real-world experience alongside a unique value-added curriculum. It’s also the incredible support students receive throughout their studies and for the rest of their careers when they join the Norland family and become a part of history. 

Most of all, it’s the outstanding career opportunities graduates have as soon as they earn the professional title ‘Norlander’ or ‘Norland Nanny’ supported by their very own recruitment agency and backed up by the world-famous Norland name. 

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