How do I make a deferred application for 2025 or later?

You could apply for deferred entry in the 2024 application cycle. 'Deferring' means applying for a course then taking a year out before going to university. If you want to defer but start an application in the 2024 cycle, then you need to make sure the year of entry in your preferences is set to 2024 (you can change this by going to your preferences page here and updating the year in which you want to start).

It’s important to contact the uni or college before submitting your application to make sure they are happy to accept a deferred application.

If you decide to defer your application you can still apply at the same time as students planning to start in 2024 and defer your start date by a year. To do this:

  • Select the deferred entry start date when adding a choice to your UCAS application.
  • In your personal statement, give your reasons for deferring, and your plans for your year out. These will be taken into account when assessing your application.

Your application will then go through the same process, at the same time, as applications to start in 2024.

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