I haven’t been diagnosed with a mental health condition, but I have had some difficulties in the past and might need support in the future – what should I do?

You do not have to have received a diagnosis to share a mental health difficulty. Universities and colleges are keen to ensure that students have the right support to make a smooth transition and succeed in their ongoing studies.

As well as stating you have a mental health condition, you can use the free text box to give more information, if you wish. Alternatively, you can contact student support services at the university or college to discuss your needs and they will be able to tell you about the support services available – many have a dedicated mental health adviser.

You can contact the student support team at any point to get help or ask for more information. Even if you never need to use the support, it’s good to have it ready just in case you need it later on – you are totally in control in how you use the support.

Student Minds is a charity dedicated to helping students manage their mental health – visit their website. Their Know Before You Go resources are a great way to prepare for the transition to higher education.

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